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Crazy Aarons Thinking Putty

Promote creative thinking with this take anywhere putty.

It can be kneaded, stretched and bounced and it never dries out! Perfect size for the pocket, this thinking putty is a great sensory and fidget tool.

Useful for therapeutic ​hand exercises. Collect them all!

HYPERCOLOR- Night Fall/Silver Bells/Amethyst Blush/Twilight- changes colour with the heat of your hands. Perfect for twisting and making two-toned sculptures. Put it in the fridge then against something warm to experience an even more intense colour change.

GLOW -Krypton/Ion/Speckled Egg-This thinking putty is white in daylight and come alive with hypnotic colours that appear when dark. Expose it to bright to show its glow for hours.

ELECTRIC -Lapis/Neon Flash/Ruby Red/Electric Blue- shimmery to soothe the senses.

NEON- Mega Watt- equals mega colour.

HYPERGLOW- Trick- a combination of hypercolor and glow.

ILLUSION -Super Oil Slick- colours that shift and morph right before your eyes. You'll be hypnotized by the mind-boggling liquid metal appearance with green and gold alongside hints of silver and blue. Honestly, this colour is really incredible!

COLOR SHOCK- Amethyst-Starts of one colour, stretch to reveal another colour.

METALLIC-Gelt-Shimmery, metal like.

Approx. size: 5cm tin, 13g. Silicon-based.

Recommended Age: 3yrs+