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🚚$10.95 Standard Shipping Australia Wide

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Sensory and Fidget Kits

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Sensory Kits Australia: Your Ultimate Stress-Relieving Companion

Welcome to Fun Fidgets, your dedicated portal to an expansive collection of sensory kits in Australia and related products, designed thoughtfully for those in need. Nestled in the heart of Newcastle NSW, we’re a proudly Australian-owned haven catering especially to children and adults grappling with stress, anxiety, sensory challenges, concentration hiccups, autism, and ADHD.

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Why Choose Fun Fidgets’ Sensory Fidget Kits?

Our sensory fidget kits in Australia are more than just toys. They're a promise of quality, affordability, and genuine support. Every item has been meticulously chosen, understanding the profound difference it can make in enhancing concentration, offering comfort, or simply acting as a soothing presence.

Explore our sensory toys!

Dive into Our Sensory Play Kits Australia Collections

Sensory Toys: Designed to stimulate the senses, these toys make for perfect companions for those with sensory issues. Unravel the sensory toy collection

Weighted Products: Experience the comforting embrace of our weighted range, aiding in relaxation and peaceful slumbers. Discover our weighted treasures

Fidget Toys: Fiddle, twirl, or squeeze. Dive into the world of sensory fidget kits, crafted for every restless hand. Meet our fabulous fidgets.

Sensory Fidget Kits Australia - FAQs

What’s included in a sensory fidget kit?

Our kits encompass a range of sensory toys and fidgets, each tailored to provide the utmost relief and support.

How do I choose the best kit for my needs?

Dive into our collection, read our detailed descriptions, or reach out to our dedicated team for personalised advice.

Can I pick up my order locally?

Absolutely! We offer local pickups from Maryland, NSW, in addition to our nationwide shipping.

Are your products suitable for all age groups?

Yes, our range caters to both children and adults, ensuring everyone finds their perfect sensory kits fit.

How can I get in touch for further queries?

For any more questions, suggestions, or support, contact us anytime. We"re here to assist!

Make the Sensory Leap with Fun Fidgets!

Why wait? Offer yourself or your loved ones the gift of tranquillity. Dive into our sensory world, revel in the calm, and celebrate the joy of stress-free moments. Because at Fun Fidgets, we believe in crafting comfort, one fidget at a time.

Ready to embrace serenity? Order your sensory fidget kit NOW!

Embrace the Comfort. Feel the Difference with Sensory Kits Australia.