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🚚$10.95 Standard Shipping Australia Wide

🎁Free Mystery Gift on $70+ Orders*

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Warranty/Product Info

Fidgets/Sensory Items: Please be aware that fidgets are not toys, but useful tools that can aid in anxiety relief and concentration. Fidgets are not indestructible, they may last a day or they may last a year, and for this reason, Fun Fidgets can not issue a refund or offer a return on these items due to misuse, general wear and tear, or breakage by the user. 

Chew Products/Necklaces: People have varying levels of chew strength which can impact the life of these products. Fun Fidgets can not issue a refund for breakages of these products for this reason.

Squishy/Stretchy Items: These items will not last forever, they may last a day, they may last a year. Squishy items are not indestructible. They may split/burst. We do not recommend these products for use if the person likes to chew/bite. It is difficult to determine if these types of products have broken due to being bitten, or picked at etc, so for this reason, Fun Fidgets can not issue a refund/replacement or offer a return on these items. These types of items are not suitable for a group setting, such as where many people/children may use the item without close adult supervision which could result in the product being misused.

No warranty/refund/return is offered or provided unless faulty/damaged upon first opening.

Products must be used in accordance to instructions, by children of an appropriate age for the product, and under adult supervision.

Fun Fidgets will not accept any responsibility for unsuitable use of any product, including but not limited to, misuse against instructions/intended use or lack of adult supervision. 

Prices are for one unless otherwise stated.

All product pricing and shipping charges are GST inclusive.

Random colour/style will be sent where no colour choice is given. If you have a certain colour preference for one of these items, please add it to your order notes and if available, we will send your preference.